Place-Based Education

Trillium Trust believes that Place-Based Education is an important part of engaging students and helping them understand the importance and value of the place in which they live. Since 1996 when Trillium Trust was formed as Bryant Watershed Project we have developed and maintained one of the most popular Place-Based Education websites in the nation at A common concern among Ozarks educators is that students don’t show excitement or interest in local history or culture projects primarily due to a lack of knowledge and kid-centered resources on the subject.

Unlock the Ozarks makes the history and culture of the Ozarks accessible in a format that is user-friendly for all ages and specially designed to be engaging to young people. A focus on visual media like images, audio, and video keep young children entertained while still transferring knowledge about their communities and region. The entire program is full of content that can be used for a variety of classroom projects. The Key Tours and categories can be used to create fun and educational local field-trips.

We are also developing programs specifically for 4th – 6th grade environments. Our list of programs is available on the right side of this page. If you plan to use one of our programs or any part of Unlock the Ozarks in your classroom we would be very happy to talk with you about your project ideas and to hear feedback for how we can make our models even better for you and your students.

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Our first educators program focuses on the mystery of Josiah Howell and his clan’s settlement of an area that would later become Howell County in southern Missouri.