Schoolcraft's Ozark Journey

On Northfork River

Thursday, November 19th, 1818

The valley we are now in is bounded on each side by bluffs of lime-stone, overlying sand-stone. The mineralogical character of the country has been quite uninteresting since last noticed. From this spot we shall no longer travel by the compass, but pursue the stream which I shall for the present call Limestone River in all its windings down. This stream is wholly composed of springs which gush at almost every step from its calcareous banks and it rapidly assumes the character of a considerable river. The waters are very pure, cold, and transparent. We have this day passed over some rich bottom lands covered with elm, beech, oak, maple, sycamore, and ash. We have frequently driven the deer from its covert; and the wild turkey, duck, and grey squirrel, have been almost constantly in sight. General course south. Distance twelve miles.

-Henry Schoolcraft

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